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Hollywood Stars at Poker

Celebrities are also enticed with poker since it can be fun and profitable. There are many noted celebrities known to play poker. These stars do not just glam up the game but also help make its image more positive. Poker can be very engaging that it was able to capture the world of show business. Numerous poker game shows are even created in line with the game.

Hollywood Stars and Poker

Gabe Kaplan is a very skilled celebrity poker player. He is a 66 year old New Yorker who starred in Welcome Back, Kotter, a sitcom way back in the 70’s. In 2006 he became host of High Stakes Poker. As a poker enthusiast, he has already won more than a million in tournaments. Tobey Maguire is another star who loves to play poker when his schedule permits. This Spiderman star even got involved in a case because of poker.

A female celebrity is also an accomplished poker player. Her name is Jennifer Tilly. She has won tournaments and even boasted a WSOP ladies bracelet. Rick Salomon, famous for his role in 1 Night in Paris, is another star poker player. He has also won a number of tournaments, including a Bellagio cup. He continues to play until now. San Simon is another celebrity poker player. Simpson’s co-creator has a lot of accomplishments in poker including 3 consecutive Hold’em tournament winnings.

Many Actors - Many Poker Players

Perhaps one of the most famous in the list of celebrity poker players is Ben Affleck. He is the first celebrity to amass major poker open tournament. The Notebook’s director, Nick Cassavates, is also a poker aficionado. He participated in High Stakes Poker and The Big Game. He also has a number of accomplishments in poker to prove his passion for the game, however, like Tobey Maguire, he is facing litigation for his winnings in poker.

Bruce Buffer, star of Poker After Dark, has won 259,047 dollars in poker. His breakout game was at the 2005 World Poker Tour Celebrity when he made the last table. In his honor, a Las Vegas casino even named a poker room after him.

The American Pie star, Shannon Elizabeth, is also an avid poker tournament participant. She boasts a third place in a NBC Championship. She considers 2007 up to now as the peak of her career in poker. Michael Phelps is also a celebrity player, having about 5,213 dollars in his winnings. He is a swimmer and an act6ive online poker player and dreams to improve his skills in the game.

There are other noted celebrities who have a crack for poker but these stars were ranked as the top 10 by Card Player News Team because of their winnings. The mentioned stars are already noteworthy for their accomplishments in their field, but added some color into their life by engaging in the challenging world of poker, which arguably makes their life a lot more interesting. Poker can be so engaging that even celebrities are enticed to it, and due to their celebrity status, poker becomes even more popular.


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