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What Action Do The Best Players Take

In any poker game you will notice that there are a lot of choices that you will have to make during the game.  You need to understand when to fold, bluff, call, and raise your hand.  By knowing what action you should choose, you will be in the right place to score the chips for the hand that you are dealt.  Because poker is played with multiple players at a table, or tables all at one time, you have to stay on your toes.  This is especially true if you are playing online poker or poker at a tournament.  In this article you will find some useful facts, along with some tips on how to play the game correctly.  By the end of the article you should be ready to play poker, and know what to do in difficult gambling situations.  You will be aware of the actions that you will take and the cards that you will be dealt to play at the table.  How you decide to play the hands that you are given will be up to you.   You will be able to make reasonable desicions on how to proceed with your hands.

Table Position

The way you will play your hands will be determined by your position at the table first of all.  Sometimes you might be the first to act at the table, or you can be in what is called the small blind or big blind position.   If you are drawn a King, Ace on the draw and you are setting with the dealer button in front of you, then you are in the position to act last in the hand.  That is a great thing because it gives you the time to think about your action and try to pick up a read from the other poker players, which will have to act before you. 

Tips for Your Move

When it is your turn to act, you will have to call, raise or fold.  Odds are that with a hand K, A you are not likely to fold, so it is a great time for you to bet a raise, and try to flush out the weaker hands that have been dealt to some of the others.  Try not to over beat the pot by doing anything reckless.  You may have been given a good hand, but you are definitely still at the mercy of the cards that are yet to be revealed.  After the open betting round is done (the betting before the flop), the dealer will flip over the next three cards faced up on the table in front of you, and the other players.  If the three cards reveal as you want them to, then you might want to consider another raise at that time.  If they do not tend to favor a good outcome then you can also choose to fold, or do what is called a call in poker.  This is where you match the prior bet for the hand.  This can be a good way for you to limp in the play, for another round of cards.  If no bet has been placed at this stage of betting then you will be able to check and see the river for free.  If you did not receive the hand that you wanted on the flop, this is the easiest and safest mode of action for you at this time.


Let’s say that you are very uncertain about the outcome of your hand, and the player in front of you has raised the pot by more than half of its total worth.  You may want to throw the hand away and get out of the game with the rest of your chips intact.  This action is referred to as a fold.  It is a smart move to make if you are unsure of the possibilities of your winning the hand.  Folding can be a very complicated move however.  You would not want to fold too fast, and appear very weak and unskilled to the other poker players at the table.  The last important action that you will have the option of using is the raise.  If you have a lousy hand you can still try to appear weak by raising the pot.  Be aware that by making this move you may be setting yourself up for disaster.  Think about your actions carefully, and decide how to be smart about your play strategy. Playing poker is a fun and exciting when you understand the game.



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