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Poker Hand Rankings Online

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All the sites on casino and gaming, on legalized gambling advise to learn the basics like the bets in roulette systems before betting a lot. Here you can familiarize with the poker hand rankings that you should know before playing the real game. All hands are ranked from the lowest to highest.

High Card

This is the worst poker hand according to the poker hand rankings, in which there is no pair of cards, all cards are not numbered consecutively and are with the different suit. The value of this hand is denoted by the card with the strongest rank. If there is tie the second high cards in both hands must considered to indicate the winner. When it happens that the next cards are also with the same rank the third, and fourth and fifth cards are compared.

One Pair or Pair

This is the hand with the paired cards of one value and the rest cards are distinct. The ranks of two One Pair hands are determined by the rank of the pair, then by the highest of the rest cards.

Two Pair

This is the hand containing two pairs of cards and one distinct card. First the pairs must be considered when two hands tie then the kicker denotes the winner.

Three of a Kind

This poker hand consists of three cards of one value and two distinct cards that are not paired (as if they are paired it is Full House rather than Three of a Kind). To indicate the winner among two Three of a Kind hands the values of three cards are taken into account. When these cards are with one value the rest cards are considered.


Straight is the hand consisting of all the cards set in sequence. In Straights the Aces can be both of the high and low rank, : 10-J-Q-K-A and A-2-3-4-5. In case of the ties the strongest straight hand is winner, but in case the ranks of the straights are the same the game pot is to be split.


Flush has all five cards of the same suit. According to the rules of poker hand rankings the highest card in two Flush hands indicates the winner.

Full House

This hand, as it has been already said, is the poker hand with three of a kind and a pair. If two hands tie three of a kind comes into play and then the pairs are considered.

Four of a Kind

This hand has four cards of the same value and one distinct card. The rank of four cards denotes the winner in case there are the ties, then the fifth card is taken into account.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush contains all the cards from one suit (flush) set in succession (this is straight). The Ace may also be both the low or high card.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush which is in the poker hand rankings the highest poker hand is in fact the highest straight flush from 10 to Ace. So, Royal Flush is made up of five cards from Ace to 10 all with the same suit which are numbered in sequence: 10-J-Q-K-A, all of one suit. This hand has the lowest probabilities to occur which much depend on how good the deck is shuffled.


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