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How to Beat Hands In Poker

Secrets of winning at any gambling game depend on the casino you choose of course and the fact it supports the responsible gaming, but also the player has to learn lots of gaming systems like  online casinos blackjack strategy and roulette winning strategy. No matter what poker game you choose to play, it doesn’t matter for how long you have been practicing and how good you are in poker - in order to beat hands in poker game you have to follow the basic poker rules which will save your money, nerves and time. Let’s learn the basic points of every reliable poker systems and strategies.

Manage Your Bankroll

Never wager money you cannot afford to spent and in case you have already made poker deposit play according to your limits. Approximate size of the bankroll in Texas Holdem game has to be nearly 300 times higher than the big bet. Obviously the bigger the bankroll is the less unsure you feel yourself at the table. In any case, when you play within the money limits, you aren’t in a great risk to lose much money. Furthermore, remember about the choice of table. Most poker players sit at the first table they see but it is not a good idea. You should consider the size of the smallest bet, the number of gamblers, the variation of the poker game and your probable position. If all the points meet your requirements you are welcome to play.

The key thing in every poker playing strategy that helps to beat hands in poker is the value of the starting poker hand. There exist several groups of starting poker hands worth to be played. Here we list these hands from the highest to lowest.

List of Hands

  • QQ, AA, JJ, AKs, KK
  • AJs, AQs, KQs, AK, TT
  • 99, JTs, QJs, KJs, ATs, AQ
  • KTs, KQ, T9s, AJ, 88, QTs, J9s 98s

It is possible to separate more groups of the starting poker hands but they demand perfect skill and great gambling experience from the players. Of course, you understand that the starting hands from the first two groups are very rare to being dealt but be patient, they will occur. If they come - play aggressively as they are the most successful. In case any of other starting hands mentioned here are dealt, you may go on the play and not rush to quit.

Play correctly, which means that you have to watch each hand in the game. First of all take the notes of other players, their gaming style and betting decisions. Notice the tight players and those who play aggressively and use bluffing. But bear in mind you must avoid to imitate other player’s playing tactic. According to the type of your opponents you may decide what gambling tactic you have to follow and whether to bluff or not in order to beat hands in poker game. 


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