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Traditions ans Customs in Poker Game

Poker traditions started with the appearance of the game and many believed that it all started way back 900 A.D. in China. This game has evolved and Chinese emperors started to play domino games. However, most gambling schools will tell you that poker started in Persia during the 17th century and it was then called as Nas. This game involved a deck of 25 cards with 5 different suits. This game was taught by Persian sailors to French settlers from New Orleans. This poker games wa similar to modern Five-Card Stud poker and it also has same ranked hands like the game of three of a kind.

The German and French ancestors claim that they also have a traditional poker game called Pochen or Poque. They also started traditional game known as Pochspiel.

Poker during 1800s

Gambling became a common pastime during 1800’s. This is the time when English spread deck of 52 cards and it is also the game that introduced the flush concept. The game of Stud Poker and Draw Poker offers five-card versions and the straight were included during the time of Civil War era. Poker games became exceptionally popular, but the game was threatened with danger as swindlers and cheats manipulate marks.

Wild, Wild West

Poker games also did a good job during the Old West era. It became the most popular game during that time. This became the favorite game in riverboats and saloons by both casual and professional gamblers. The game was called Faro, which is played with deck of 52 cards. All players bet against the dealer or banker, there is one who will draw two cards that are face down. One card is for the player and the other one is for the dealer.

Twentieth Century Poker

In 1900's when poker games started to became credible and legitimate. It was 1913 when the state of Nevada was the first and only community in the United State that made poker a legal casino game. In the past, the game was played inside saloons and gambling halls in different parts of Nevada. Gamblers are flying from different parts of the United States just to play legal poker.

Present Day Poker

Today poker games are played in different parts of the world. Poker traditions have come a very long way since it was first introduced. Gamblers of legal ages are waiting for several hours just to experience playing in popular casino in Las Vegas. Casino establishments that offer poker games are regulated by strict gambling laws.

Poker is not only a game, but also a huge business and industry today. Nowadays, there are different types of poker games that you can play. Each poker game has a set of rules and guidelines that all players must obey. Poker also conquers the world of online technology through online casinos. Today, you can play any poker game that you like inside the comfort of your own home. You can also play free online poker games for the sake of fun.


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