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Online Casino Poker Rules

The list of poker games below is not complete but it contains the games that you may really be interested in. Every player knows that any game he chooses either to read about on the dmoz sites or gamble, has lots of variations. Most blackjack information sites say that blackjack has over 15 versions, while the online roulette has only two. Each game has its certain number of variants, feel free to read about all of them maybe some will be more interesting for you than even original game. Poker is one of the games, which have the highest number of variants.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker is the community game in which five face up cards are placed in the middle of the poker table and are used by all the gamblers to create their five card hands.

In order to create the starting game pot two poker players place the big and small blinds bets. During every round of betting according to the casino poker rules the gamblers may take one of these betting actions:

  • Bet - wager money.
  • Call - match the other player’s wager.
  • Check - pass the turn to act when there has not been the bet yet.
  • Raise - raise the previous bet.
  • Re-raise - increase the previous raise.
  • Fold - forfeit the hand and quit the play.

The first round in Texas Hold’em poker is known as the pre-flop. The poker players are given two face-down cards and they may make the first betting options. In this round Check option can’t be chosen. As soon as betting is ended the second round of poker game or the flop follows. Now three face up community cards are dealt on the board and the players bet. It is the second betting round. Then two more community cards are dealt one after another. Each card dealing is followed by betting round. These are the turn and river poker rounds. Finally the players reveal the cards and the winner is found. It is the showdown, the final of the poker game action.

Seven Card Stud

According to Seven Card Stud casino poker rules the player gets totally seven cards to make the hand. These cards are not given at once but during the set of deals. At first three cards, two face-down and one face up cards occur. Then three exposed cards are dealt one by one. At last one face-down card occurs and the game ends with the showdown. The gamblers may choose any five cards from seven to create the highest possible hand.

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker is also widespread poker version that differs from the common Seven Card Stud by a few rules according to which the winners are denoted. In Seven Card Stud High Low poker both the poker player with the highest and the poker player with the weakest poker hands win the pot, so the game pot is in fact split between two gamblers.


Omaha originated from Texas Holdem poker game that is why the casino poker rules of these two poker variations are quite similar. The players are given four pocket cards that together with the community cards the gamblers use to make their hands. In Omaha poker it is banned to “play the board” that means to use all the community cards, the rules say that every gambler may use three cards on the board and two pocket cards to make the hand. The winner is the player with the highest poker hand according to the regular hand ranks. In Omaha High Low poker the pot is divided between the players with the weakest and strongest hands.

Three-Cards Poker

Three-Cards poker is the poker version which includes in fact two separate games, PairPlus and Ante and Play. As the casino poker rules state the player may choose to place one or both these bets. The object of the game is to receive the highest three cards poker hand. In Pair Plus game you don’t gamble against the banker, you are just paid according to the hand value. To win the PairPlus bet the player is to obtain pair or higher. In case of Ante and Play wager the gambler may choose to fold or Play. If the poker player chooses to stay in the game he or she must increase the bet by wagering the size equal to the Ante. Then the gambler’s and dealer’s poker hands are compared. The dealer’s poker hand has to qualify (contain Queen or higher) in order to compete for the pot. The winner is paid out according to the specific payout table. There is also a bonus on Ante which doesn’t depend on the dealer’s cards. For detailed information check up the casino poker rules of this game at the card room you choose to play.

Five Card Draw Poker

This poker variation is the blind structure poker game which is played with the traditional 52 cards deck. In Five Card Draw poker all players get five cards at once, these cards are dealt face-down. After the first betting it is possible to discard some of the hole cards and replace them with other cards. When the draw is finished the second round of betting proceeds. In the showdown the hands are shown and the winner is denoted by the best strength of the five card hand. In fact, draw poker games have been considered to be the easiest games since the beginning of poker history.


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