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How Much Bet to Place while Playing Poker?

While sitting down for a Hold’em game the first thing that one would need to consider is the sum of money he is ready to spend. Several types of games would have an upper cap fixed on the buy in amount while do not have any cap at all. This is known as “Short stack” and “Big stack” and they each have their own pros and cons which you would need to evaluate. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are:

Advantages of Short Stack

•    With a short stack the risk involved in the game is less. If you lose your loss would be no more than the initial bet in amount and your winning amount, if any.

•    People playing on with big stacks often underestimate short stack and are prone to make bad decision, which would increase your chances of winning.

•    Going all in and losing would still not mean too much of a loss with a short stack, and others with bag stacks on the table would generally fold or avoid going all-in in most situations which can be a great advantage.

Disadvantages of Short Stack

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•    As with the losses, the wins are also limited on a short stack.

•    Big stacks in most cases can be very aggressive towards short stacks, and if the hands are not played carefully there can be a risk of loosing quite a lot of money.

Advantages of a big stack

•    Since the buy in amount is more the wins are also of high amount.

•    Most medium and short stacks would prefer not to mess with big stacks and would give in easily which can increase the chances of winning on a big stack.

•    With a big stack even if there are a few losses it is quite easy to recuperate and get back to the same level with just one or two wins.

Disadvantages of a Big Stack

•    With a big stack the risk of losing it all is great.

•    The pressure in playing against other big stacks can be quite a lot and if the hands are not played carefully you might loose a lot of money.

•    If you have a big stack it is advisable to think twice before placing a bet on a questionable hand even against short stacks since you might lose a lot if the cards are not right.

Each of these methods has their own pros and cons and the chances of winning are high in both these methods if the hands are played carefully.

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